International Food

If you feel like going to for dinner in the French capital you have many choices. There are all kinds of international restaurant in Paris, and it pays to know a bit about the different neighborhoods and their histories.

For instance the Marais has traditionally been known as the Jewish quarter and so it follows that the best falafel in the city can be found there.

Lots of Chinese and Cambodian refugees settled in the 13th arrondissement in the 1970’s and so unsurprisingly today that’s where to go for Chinese and Cambodian food.

Sadly you are unlikely to find Indian food that can compare to the UK for instance but near Palais-Royal and the Palais Garnier, rue Ste-Anne and the small surrounding streets are a goldmine of Japanese noodle houses. Below we’ve chosen our a few and one of them may become your favorite international restaurant in Paris.

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant
Paris’ most famous upmarket Thai restaurant is now perhaps a bit too big for its boots. But the good décor and good food mean it remains popular. 11th arrondissement.

Dong Huong
The excellent food and low prices at this Vietnamese noodle joint always attracts a buzzing crowd. 11th arrondissement.

Bistro Florentin
If you are looking for delicious Italian fare in comfortable, friendly surroundings, then here it is. Pastas and pizzas are very reasonably priced. 11th arrondissement.

Indian fare in the heart of la Pigalle. Who would have thought it? The terrace is lovely in summer and the set menus are excellent value. 9th arrondissement.

Le Petit Dakar
Some people say this is the most authentic Senegalese restaurant in Paris.With a big and reasonably priced menu, it is well worth a try. 3rd arrondissement.

You will be whisked off to the med with the first bite of the delicious Greek food served here. It's very popular so reserve in advance. 5th arrondissement.

Chez Marianne

Chez Marianne
You´ll know you've found Marianne's when you see the line of people queuing. This restaurant-deli serves excellent Middle Eastern and Jewish specialties at great prices. 4th arrondissement.

Fogòn St-Julien
This ambitious Spanish restaurant goes to pains to avoid all tapas-bar clichés. In this river-side restaurant the tapas menu gives you the most choice, but then you miss out on the paella! 5th arrondissement.

Sardegna a Tavola
Paris might be overrun with Italian restaurants but few smack of authenticity like this Sardinian spot. Dishes change with the seasons and the chef's imagination. 12th arrondissement.

Le Martel
The stylish setting as well as the charismatic host makes this a hit with the cool kids. The food is a mix of French classics and more exotic, north african fare. 10th arrondissement.