Weather in Paris

The normal weather...

There's normally quite nice weather in Paris and France, and the French usually temperate climate. The average yearly temperature comes in at just under 12°C (2°C in January, 19°C in July). You may consider this a plus or minus but it is definitely a city that experiences all four seasons.

In winter it rarely drops and stays below freezing, and while summer is generally warm and sunny, with an average of 26°, there can also be unexpected rain showers. Fall, like spring, can be quite variable with mild, dry days in between wet, colder spells.

Weather in Paris

It is hard to pick a time when it is best to visit Paris, because it is perennially popular with tourists. The weather in Paris can be unpredictable though, as there are waves of heat coming from Africa, the canicule, and cold waves that come from Siberia once in a blue moon. We recommend you check the weather report before travelling so you'll be prepared clothes-wise.

For a few reasons most people will say that the spring (April through June) or fall (September through November) are the best times to visit. In general the weather in paris isn’t too extreme in either direction (too cold or too hot), and prices on things like airfare and hotels aren’t at their peak.

The city tends to be most crowded with tourists in July and August, although Parisians themselves abandon the city and head for the coast in August.

MonthAverage High (F)Average Low (F)Average High (C)Average Low (C)Average Wet Days